Autoware Tutorial


Autoware, open source, autonomous driving, ROS



Autoware is the largest autonomous driving open source community. It has found widespread adoption as Autoware is used by 100+ companies, runs on 30+ vehicles, is used in 20+ countries, as well as for education in 5 countries. Autoware.AI is the original Autoware project build on ROS 1, launched as a research and development platform for autonomous driving technology for researchers, developers, and students interested in autonomous driving technology. Now Autoware.Auto is launching, which is the next generation of Autoware based on ROS 2. Autoware.Auto is managed by an open source community manager, applies best-in-class software engineering practices, and is based on a redesigned architecture.

This tutorial will start with a holistic overview over all Autoware projects. Then there will be a set of invited talks presenting algorithms and modules available in Autoware. Part of the workshop will be dedicated to a tutorial including how to bring up Autoware on a computer. 

The goal of this tutorial is to introduce Autoware to the IV community and to encourage publication of academic results in open source in addition to the paper presented at the conference. 

Please click below for details and for submission of presentation proposals.