Call for demonstrations

Demonstration submission

Prospective demonstrators are requested to contact first the Demonstration Chair (email below) so as to establish a dialog that will ensure the feasibility of the demonstration. IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium values highly the integration of advanced technologies into physical demonstrators, and best vehicles: a test track has been booked for these demonstrations to happen. After this dialog, a final selection will be announced according to feasibility and value.

Teams are invited to fill and submit the demonstration interest form by March, 27th 2019.

This description should give the aim of the demonstration, the features to be demonstrated and environment requested for the demonstration (e.g. the type of the road).



Jan 15, 2019
Call for demonstration

Mar 27, 2019
Submission deadline

Apr 30, 2019

Jun 12, 2019
Demonstration day

Companies, Universities and Research Institutes are invited to demonstrate scientific or technological achievements in vehicles (or at least in some physical system) that fall into the area of intelligent vehicles. The topics of interest for the demonstrations include but are not limited to the following:

  • Advanced driver assistance systems
  • Automated vehicles
  • Connected and cooperative vehicles
  • Driving simulation for ADAS and cooperative systems


General Chair

Prof. Arnaud de La Fortelle MINES ParisTech, France

Demonstration Chair

Prof. Féthi Ben Ouezdou Vedecom, France

Demonstration Co-Chairs

Ms. Marie Cousin Vedecom, France

Dr. Mohamed-Chérif Rahal Vedecom, France

Test Tracks

IV’19 will benefit of the test tracks located very near Paris, in Versailles.

The test tracks are composed of 4 main parts for different use-cases: there is an Extra urban track, a rural track, a high-speed track and urban one (see below, in color).

Address: 2 Allée des Marronniers, 78000 Versailles

GPS location : 48.784721, 2.0999368


Vehicle Management

IV’19 organizes support for Demonstrations. Among them:

  • Parking and surveillance:
    There are guarded parking on the test tracks. 2 visitors parking areas and one for demonstrators.
  • Electric vehicles:
    There is a possibility of electric vehicles charging. Two fast charging stations are offered to participants.
  • Thermic vehicles:
    For thermic vehicles there are more than 12 refueling stations around the test tracks at less than 5 km.

More support could be discussed directly with the Demonstration Committee at

Test Tracks Videos

Forest Track Interior

Forest Track Exterior

Evolution Track

Urban Track