Mobile App

Cloud Platform

This service will help you prepare for IV 2019 using any desktop, laptop or mobile device. 

If you have registered for IV 2019, you can login after you set your own password at . 

Now you can:

  • Browse through the conference sessions and use the various filter options to search for those presentations most interesting to you. For every paper, you can read the abstract, watch the spotlight video, download the associated PDF*, learn more about the authors, view any author-uploaded information (e.g. slides, poster). 
  • Decide which papers you wish to attend and add them to your personalized Agenda. Your Agenda will automatically pass on to the mobile app**, should you wish to switch to that during the conference. • Review your own presentation and take steps to maximize its impact; you can attach your slides or poster, type in additional information, attach related supporting documents. 
  • Maximize your professional exposure by taking advantage of the profile page available to you. You can add a short bio, provide contact details, upload a photo, upload your résumé. 
  • Browse completed profiles of other attendees. 
  • View the most popular papers of the conference overall, by category, by theme, by day.

Downloadable set of the IV 2019 papers

Download the full proceedings from the cloud platform. 
Available only to registered attendees.

Mobile App

If you rely on your smartphone or tablet, and you need to work offline, switch to the mobile app. The IV2019 app will be available from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. There is no need to login for generic use; however, to import your personalized agenda from the cloud platform, the app must be able to identify the user. Also, login is required in order to access critical information (e.g. profiles of other conference attendees), as well as copyrighted data (i.e. proceedings papers).